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 Let's Play Banjo-Tooie

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Let's Play Banjo-Tooie Empty
PostSubject: Let's Play Banjo-Tooie   Let's Play Banjo-Tooie I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 02, 2011 7:20 pm

Part 1: Poker Face
Part 2: Banjo's Revenge
Part 3: Jingala Shingala Wingala Diggy
Part 4: An Actual World, Wow!
Part 5: Breaking And Entering
Part 6: Tough Rocks, Pal
Part 7: Things Get Weirder
Part 8: Sneaky Beaky
Part 9: How Do You Miss A Temple?
Part 10: Like A Bawss
Part 11: I Am Mine
Part 12: Watch Me Explode
Part 13: I'm Firin' My Kazooka!
Part 14: All That Glitters Ain't Mine
Part 15: I Did Not Just Say "Booty Call"
Part 16: Ooh Ooh Witchy World
Part 17: Gobi Menthol, Child Abuse, & Jiggy Suicide
Part 18: The Break-Up
Part 19: Your #1 Van
Part 20: Gimme Space
Part 21: Grunty Is Honest
Part 22: So Mad :D
Part 23: Galaga On Steroids
Part 24: A Shorty
Part 25: High Noon
Part 26: Not So Jolly? Roger that.
Part 27: Rattletraps Wanted
Part 28: Mini-Clanker
Part 29: ARGH! I Thought I Cut More Of This!
Part 30: Roger, Roger! What's Your Vector, Victor?
Part 31: Breegull Abuse
Part 32: Lost In Terrydactyland
Part 33: Terry Isn't Very Merry
Part 34: I Can't Believe You're A Bird
Part 35: Rebel Roar
Part 36: Who's Your Daddy
Part 37: Scaring The Cavemen
Part 38: Is That For Here Or To Go?
Part 39: Now You See A Nice Ice Key
Part 40: Blame It On The Train
Part 41: Jiggy Industries
Part 42: Kazooie Industries
Part 43: Banjo Industries
Part 44: Mumbo Industries
Part 45: Maytag Industries
Part 46: Weldar Industries
Part 47: Dino Indus... Well, Maybe Not
Part 48: Get This Guy Some Pepto-Bismol
Part 49: It's The Foot!
Part 50: Puzzling Fast Forward
Part 51: Down With The Clinkers
Part 52: Oh Yeah, Well Recycle This
Part 53: This Is A Tasty Burger
Part 54: Onward To Hailfire Peaks
Part 55: Four Falls In One Room
Part 56: Mumbo And The Snowballer
Part 57: Slight Ice Malfunction
Part 58: Boggy's New Place
Part 59: Welcome Wagon Is In The Air
Part 60: Jolly Rogers Revisited
Part 61: All Done Backtracking
Part 62: Cheetos And Eggs
Part 63: Hasta La Vista, Baby
Part 66: This Doesn't Look Safe
Part 67: There's Something About Mary
Part 68: Cloud Cuckooland 100%'ed
Part 69: We Almost Got This
Part 70: Keep It On The Down Low
Part 71: Lucky Jinjo Accident
Part 72: Creepin' On Up
Part 73: Klungo Quits
Part 74: It Can't Be Over!
Part 75: How Dare They
Part 76: Grunty Failure Montage
Part 77: DID I GET HER?
Part 78: It's Over! BEWBZ TIME!

2-Player Mode With Empolo18
Bonus Episode 1
Bonus Episode 2
Bonus Episode 3
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Let's Play Banjo-Tooie
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